Personal Assistant (PA) | Digital Agency | Sydney

We’re looking for a switched-on, get-shit-done, people-helping professional. No task should be too small, or too big. You take pride in seeing an office run smoothly, and reducing the stress levels of the management team.

You will be part personal assistant, part HR manager, part project manager, part event planner, part facilities manager - you get the idea.

The company:

Innovative digital agency with an impressive trophy cabinet and an enviable client list across retail, fashion & not-for-profit.


  • 1-2 years experience being a PA (or something similar) to a fast-moving executive
  • Confidentiality: You will be exposed to proprietary information, IP, market secrets, personnel issues, private issues, etc. You must be highly trustworthy and audience-sensitive
  • Proactivity: Lots of people can check off tasks on a list, but can you anticipate issues before they snowball? Can you discover and introduce new efficiencies? Can you plan for the curve balls that might be coming management’s way?
  • Time management: Roll with a sense of humour and expediency as your colleagues flock around you with conflicting demands
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Relatively tech savvy with a legitimate interest in the digital space


  • Complete management of business and personal schedules
  • Liaise with relevant personnel to ensure all relevant documentation and information is collated ready for business meetings, conferences, events, pitches, etc
  • Complete management of business travel (including booking of all domestic and international flights, hotels and transfers)
  • Produce detailed itineraries for travel schedules, business meetings and engagements
  • Process and manage corporate card and cash expenses
  • Develop, manage and maintain relationships with key agency personnel
  • Provide support to other senior leadership on an ad-hoc basis

Nice to haves:

  • You are the most organised person you know
  • Everyone you know comments on how quickly you figure things out
  • Even though you’re a star, it is not below you to run errands or do personal tasks
  • You can easily handle stress - you’re unflappable
  • You’re a planner