We love working with our clients and candidates, but more importantly, they love working with us! Take a look at the kind words they had for us and their recruiting experience.


Meet Shane...


Shane was first recommended to me when I was working for TBWA Melbourne. From our first dealings I found Shane to be a man of intelligence and integrity. He completely understands how the digital market works in Australia and usually knows what you need before you do yourself. This weird psychic ability might engender a sense of unease if not for the fact that Shane is a genuinely nice guy. I hope our paths cross again. If you need a good recruiter or just want a good chat with someone who has checked their ego at the door, then I'd urge you to drop him a line.

John  |  Management


Shane is the best recruiter I've come across. He's been a gun for me when I've been a potential employee and an employer.

Paul  |  Strategy


While living in Amsterdam I approached Shane to find me a placement in Sydney ahead of an impending move. It's certainly not any easy task and really I was just expecting to meet a few people and get my name out there. A little over a month later I was extremely happy to be signing a contract and having an excellent position waiting for me on arrival. Not only did Shane have great awareness about the market but it was his personable approach to me and my situation that really sold me on his ability. Through reliable communication he was able to achieve an enormous amount of progress in a short time, in fact, he actually raised my own expectations and delivered on them to the fullest extent. If you're looking for a guy who has your interests at heart, you've found him.

Chris  |  Client Services


Shane has a refreshingly personable, down-to-earth, honest and detail-focused approach to the recruitment process. Most importantly, he is someone you can trust who has your professional interests in mind. He was able to really understand my career goals and find an appropriate match, offered helpful advice to prepare for the interview process, and maintained consistently clear communication at all times. I couldn't recommend Shane's services highly enough.

Trina  |  Production


Shane is great at what he does, providing support and recruitment for some of the best agencies across Sydney.

Brad  |  Creative


Shane is a pleasure to work with. From the beginning he was very attentive yet easy going and really helped me define exactly what I was looking for and then gave me the best chance of getting there. Shane managed to find quality opportunities that align with me as a person and the future direction I'm travelling in. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Andreas  |  Technical


Shane assisted in finding me my position at Massive Interactive as a fresh university graduate - a perfect fit with a stellar company. He was highly attentive to my needs and guided me throughout the entire recruitment process. I would highly recommend his services to others.

Sheryl  |  User Experience


Shane's professionalism and ability to generate rapport with candidates make him a valuable asset to anyone looking for a job and he made a long, arduous job seeking process very pleasant. He is a very genuine guy and takes the role of a "trusted advisor" seriously - he listens, understands, and delivers a solution. It would be a privilege to work with Shane anytime!

Phyabae  |  Marketing


Shane has a great understanding of the marketplace and always managed to find great recruits for us who were a perfect cultural fit.

Sarah  |  Management


Great guy, excellent recruiter and one of the main reasons we've continued to use his agency since coming to Melbourne. Fully recommend!

Simon  |  Strategy


Shane is hands down the most personable and genuine recruiter I've met. Shane takes the time to truly get to know you, what you are passionate about, and this enables him to place people in the perfect role and company culture. He is a proactive communicator and kept me well informed on progress. His style is very reassuring and he's open and inviting to questions and willingly gave his time to respond to questions thoroughly. I certainly would recommend him to anyone seeking to progress their career.

Chris  |  Client Services


Shane is a person I definitely recommend to get in touch with if you are looking for a new job. He takes time to get to know you and he’ll find you a position based on your actual interests. Throughout the whole process Shane kept me in the loop constantly, providing updates and answering any questions I had. He really took the stress of finding a new job away and had a real genuine interest in helping me. You are a true professional, thank you again!

Roni  |  Production


Shane helped me find freelance work over the christmas period when no other recruiters could at one of Sydney's best agencies. He kept in contact and helped me successfully negotiate a good contract where I am now employed full-time. A pleasure to deal with.

Paul  |  Creative


Shane is one of the best recruiters I've encountered. He has been instrumental in my career progression and has consistently presented me with solid agency opportunities. If you are looking to make the next step in your digital career I would highly recommend contacting Shane!

Nigel  |  Technical


When I moved to Sydney from Gold Coast earlier this year Shane helped me settle into the job market with ease. He was exceptionally helpful throughout the whole recruitment process. He guided me through the interview process to ensure I was prepared before I met with the client. After I received the position, I found that Shane's follow up initiatives were exemplary. I really appreciate all the help, guidance and support that Shane provided me and I would recommend him to anyone looking for employment!

Belinda  |  Marketing


Put simply, Shane is one of the best recruiters I have ever dealt with. His constant contact, support and professional yet friendly demeanour made him a pleasure to deal with. I will be recommending all of my past professional colleagues contact him if and when they are looking for new employment opportunities.

Ben  |  Management


Shane is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Not only did he keep me up to date during the recruitment process ensuring a seamless transition into my dream job he was a pleasure to work with - personable, genuine and easy to chat to! Couldn't be happier at WeAreDigital thank you!

Jade  |  Strategy


Shane as a recruiter by far exceeded my expectations. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, he really took the time to understand me as a person and what I was looking for; a subject that can all too often be ignored in the world of recruitment. He was very honest from the start and gave me great feedback and support throughout. Thanks to Shane I'm now working for a fantastic digital agency in a job that’s perfect for me. I would highly recommend Shane to clients, and anyone looking for a new job.

Ayeisha  |  Client Services


Shane was instrumental to my success at WeAreDigital. I am confident to say that I have never felt so comfortable within a professional team. It was always a pleasure to deal with his casual rapport and warm attentiveness and I hope we cross paths again in the future.

Juanita|  Production


I first used Shane's services while working at Singleton Ogilvy Interactive. He was always a pleasure to work with. Shane's personable but very professional attitude towards achieving the desired outcome for our company resulted in many great hires, both temporary and full time. I highly recommend Shane and would not hesitate to use him again should I be in a position to hire staff in the digital domain.

Dan  |  Creative


I recently went through Shane for a contract position. Shane impressed me with his efficiency and professionalism. He was forthright and ran the whole process with utmost transparency and integrity. It was a pleasure dealing with Shane. I will be sending my peers his way.

Shane|  Technical


If you are looking for a new job, Shane's your man! Most of us have had bad experiences with recruitment companies and consultants along the way. With Shane, however, it's as though he has known you for years, and he actually does want the best for you. He's a recruiter who has his candidate's best interests at heart. He's not in it to place you in any job just so he makes money. Shane listens, is thorough, and generally takes interest in you as a candidate and how the interview went etc. He keeps you up to date without stalking you like some recruiters do. And he is generally a really nice guy to deal with. When it comes time to look for another job, Shane will be my first and only choice! Thanks Shane.

Anna  |  Marketing


Shane is not your normal recruiter, he took the time to really understand my career goals as well as me as person. This meant he was able to find me the perfect role in my chosen industry. Can't speak highly enough about him - I would recommend him happily.

Nicole  |  Client Services


Shane was a great help while interviewing for my latest role. He was reliable, professional, attentive, quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with. His confidence and enthusiasm are infectious. I immediately trusted his judgement, appreciated his honest advice and would recommend him to anyone.

Alex  |  Production


Shane has to be one of the best recruiters I have come across. He not only concentrates on finding the right person for the job, but actually looks beyond the skills required. I would recommend Shane to anyone, anytime.

Camilo  |  Creative


Over a number of years Shane has been a supportive and diligent provider of suitable role opportunities.
Service and care has been of his utmost concern which shines through every time I am in contact with him.
Not only have well matched roles been supplied but as requested, interesting and ‘left-field’ roles which might be of interest. I will continue to use Shane in the future.

James  |  Marketing


Shane is a really great person to get in touch with if you're looking for a job. He is so approachable and helpful, and genuinely wants to find you the right position. He made sure to always keep me in the loop and quickly answered my many questions. I would happily recommend him or work with him again!

Lulu  |  Client Services


Shane has been an absolute delight to work with over the past few weeks. He has always been one step ahead of the game, and incredibly supportive throughout the full process. Thanks Shane!

Hayley  |  Production


Shane has been very helpful to me in identifying opportunities me in the digital space in Melbourne. He is everything that a good recruiter is - punctual, thorough, concerned with my well being, and always makes sure adequate feedback is given. It's very easy to work with him.

Charlie  |  Marketing


Shane made the entire process of interviewing and and moving into a new role so easy. He was incredibly personable and there was no question I was reluctant to ask in regard to processes and the role. He gave me great advice for the interviews and on how to transfer between roles. Other recruiters I met with previously were intimidating and left me out of the loop with what was happening - Shane was the exact opposite. Thanks again Shane.

Sarah  |  Client Services


Shane was fantastic throughout the recruitment process. He was a pleasure to work with and always incredibly helpful. He always kept me updated and had my best interests at heart. Thanks for helping me find the perfect role to develop my professional career.

Annabel  |  Production


During my time working alongside Shane, I’ve found him to be very professional and diligent in sourcing job opportunities for me within the digital space. He is fantastic in keeping me up-to-date with developments as they come to hand and was a terrific help in assisting me with my CV and preparing me for any face-to-face interviews he organised on my behalf. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a career-oriented role within the digital space.

Phil  |  Marketing


Shane is a very approachable person who takes the time to get to know his candidates. He took the time to talk me through the specifics of the job and ensured that I was clear about what the job would entail. I would highly recommend Shane and thank him for his attention to detail and preparing me for the interview.

Shirley  |  Client Services


From CV submission to receiving an offer, Shane was always attentive, very detailed, and helpful. He was easy to talk to, dispensed good advice, and lined everything up in a speedy manner. With his help, my career transition from Brisbane to Melbourne couldn't have been smoother and I'd recommend him to any job seeker.

Gale  |  Production


Shane is a superb recruiter - reliable, efficient, an expert in his field, and above all he shows a keen interest in the well-being of his clients. Comes highly recommended!

Alistair  |  Media


I applied for a role through Shane and a few hours later he had me tee'd up with an interview with the employer. He helped through the entire process of the interviews and ensured I was happy with the progress and had any queries answered or resolved. I would highly recommend Shane to anyone looking for the right job in the right company - he will find it for you and take the stress out of the sometimes very stressful process. 

Ollie  |  Client Services


Thanks to Shane, I managed to get my first web agency experience in Sydney. This has been critical in my career and his presence very valuable. I highly recommend him. A++

Eddy  |  Production


Shane is a truly professional recruiter who was proactive in contacting me while I was overseas to advise of a position perfectly matched to my experience, skills and interests. Despite international time differences, he was reliable and maintained contact to ensure a smooth and stress-free recruitment process which ultimately lead to my successful placement. I recommend Shane to anyone who is looking for someone to represent them when searching for their ideal job. Thanks again Shane!

Katie  |  Media


Shane is a very professional and amicable recruiter who helped place me in a position and company that's a great fit. During the process I really appreciated Shane's follow up calls and check-ins. I would recommend Shane to anyone who is looking for a position in the digital space.

Aditi  |  Client Services


Shane has a terrific understanding of how to match you with the right job and company. His expertise and advice were greatly appreciated as I was looking for a company with the right fit and attitude. I would highly recommend Shane to candidates in the digital world.

Westley  |  Production


Shane was the best recruiter I had come across when I was looking for work. He was professional, an expert in his field, trustworthy and honest from the start. His service is unmatched and I highly recommend him to anyone. I've now built a great career for myself at the same reputable company I got into 3 years ago all thanks to Shane.

Roger  |  Media


Shane's the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He was really helpful, supportive and always keeps in touch with new opportunities in the industry.

Belynda  |  Client Services


I have dealt with Shane on several occasions and on all those I have been much more than satisfied. Shane is very detailed and professional in his approach and is prepared to go that extra mile in order to achieve the best results for the candidates he represents. Unlike the majority of recruiters, Shane has a deep understanding of the digital space and leverages it to match the right candidates to the right job. I would highly recommend Shane to candidates who are looking for personalised, honest and insightful service.

Varun  |  Production 


During my dealings with Shane, I've found him to be consistently on the ball, updating me with up to the minute developments. He provided great communications and response time to any questions I had both on the phone and through email. He's a very approachable and likeable person with a professional can do attitude at all times. I highly recommend Shane.

Lin  |  Media


Shane has consistently kept in touch with employment opportunities and introductions since meeting him a few years ago - he's dedicated and driven.

Melissa  |  Client Services


Shane is a professional and genuine recruiter who has an intimate understanding of the industry. I was impressed with the great advice, insight and encouragement he provided while I was interviewing. He has a very natural gift for matching the right people with the right positions. Would definitely recommend him to others!

Stephanie  |  Client Services


Meet Mary...


Mary put me in touch with a digital agency and has been extremely helpful in landing me a job with them. She was able to match my profile with the right company and job description, assisting me all the way by giving great feedback, tips, and - most importantly - believing in me. Not only is she highly capable, she's a recruiter with a sixth-sense. I didn't need to tell her much and she knew exactly what I was looking for and provided good insights into the field and career path I was looking at.

Margarett  |  Client Services


Mary is an absolute star recruiter. She took on board exactly what I was looking for in a new role, and was immediately in regular contact with me about several potential roles. She wasted no time in introducing me to an agency that seems like a great fit for me and has been patient and supportive in helping me land the role. She is always quick to respond with answers to any questions, and provide advice when I’ve needed it. She really is a step above the rest and I would be happy to recommend her to any job hunters or agencies looking for more than ‘just another recruiter’.

Sarah  |  Marketing


Mary is an amazing recruiter who gets results. She landed me a fantastic opportunity at a leading agency and worked with genuine interest in seeing my career take off in the right direction. Mary always went beyond her role to respond to questions/emails/phone calls, prepare for interviews and discuss career options, and I'm ever so thankful. I would highly recommend Mary to any agency or individual.

Theresa  |  Client Services


Having previously been very wary of recruiters, Mary is a recruiter I would recommend to any organisation or individual. She listened to what type of job I was looking for and suggested suitable roles accordingly. Throughout the process she answered all my questions, replied to emails / returned phone calls in a very timely manner, and ended up finding me a FANTASTIC job which will be a great stepping stone in my career.
Thanks Mary!

Kirsten  |  Marketing


Mary is one of those true finds in the recruitment world. With the risk of her falling into the all-too-familiar category of recruitment consultants more interested in their own placement commission than their client’s immediate and long term future, she breaks the mould. Dedicated, determined and genuine, Mary’s that ace you hold onto as you lay your hand down on the table.

Glen  |  Client Services


When I approached Mary’s agency to help me take my next steps, career wise, I was expecting 'just another recruitment company'. But with Mary's help I was soon on the way to high profile interviews that were exactly the type of role that I was after. Through her insights, connections and experience in the industry I was able to make the most of the opportunities presented and quickly received the role I was after. I'd highly recommend Mary for anyone in a similar position.

Ben  |  Marketing


Mary is persistent, warm and genuine - three characteristics that are rarely found in recruiters, but exactly what you need to trust they have your best interests in mind and not just the commission.

Rebecca  |  Client Services


Mary gets it. From the first moment we met, she understood inherently what kind of person I was and what would be best for me. Mary has a fun and trustworthy disposition. Thanks for all your help!

Farrel  |  Marketing


Mary was very helpful and efficient in sourcing out potential roles and a pleasure to deal with.

Thomas  |  Client Services


I am from Amsterdam and when I first got to Sydney Mary was a huge help! She has a great understanding of people and does her work with enthusiasm and dedication. Mary really helped me to settle in here.

Nayoung  |  Marketing


Thanks Mary for all your assistance helping me find a job in Sydney. Mary has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has delivered quick and relevant results. It's been a pleasure working with Mary, as she understands my career goals and only recommends interesting opportunities that will value my time and that will benefit my career path. Most of all, due to Mary's contagious energy and applicable advice, I would undoubtedly recommend Mary to anyone looking for work in Sydney and now, Melbourne! Best of luck with everything!!

Heather  |  Media