Business Development Director | Global eCommerce Player | Sydney or Melbourne

This company recognises the present reality of digital commerce, and seeks to provide clients with solutions of the same quality and thoughtfulness that would go into their physical retail locations. We’re looking for someone to effectively be the face of the company, both within the industry and with new prospects. You’ll get to wear the hats of ambassador and salesperson, representing the company’s values of proper planning, execution, and delivery, and showing others in the industry where they may be going wrong. 


The Business Development Director will be expected to make themself known in the professional community, established as an expert in best practices, so this is a great opportunity if you were always the bossy one on the camping trip. 

You’ll be attending networking functions, participating in speaking engagements, and coordinating events to catch newbies up on the value-add of the company. You’ll also be expected to bring in a fair amount of business through strategic partnerships, but you’ll also be receiving a commission on inked deals, so it’s an excellent earning opportunity. 

It’s a role for a born leader and manager, and you’ll have the opportunity to work in the field with prospective clients, while also standing out among your peers as a proven thought leader. You’ll have to get used to your peers looking to you for advice on best practices and performance.

The place:

This company is highly recognised in its field, receiving several awards over the last decade. They’ve built an impressive roster of big-brand clients, and are constantly growing.

This agency is composed of a supergroup of managers, all with years of experience in eCommerce, digital marketing, and technology. This is not an organisation that shifted gears to work in digital; they’ve always been about digital.

And while they offer the highest quality of work to their clients, and demand passion and drive from their employees, they know how to have fun, too. The office isn’t afraid to put down the work once in a while for a rooftop barbecue, ping pong game, or sumo suit battle. 


They’re looking to find a good fit for their team (does anyone ever request a maverick??) but they’re also looking for that special person they can send out into the world to represent them. This means a dynamic public speaker and overall engaging writer and presenter. This won’t be a simple matter of throwing together a few PowerPoint slides. There needs to be a wow factor. 


eCommerce experience. Well-versed in omni-channel retailing. If you’ve worked with eCommerce platforms and technologies, even better!